34 LEDs Installed For Free

My home was built around 10 years ago before many energy efficient measures were introduced. My family’s electricity hovers between $2500-$3500 despite my frequent attempts to reduce usage wherever possible.

Draughty gaps between the doors, thin window panes, and relying solely on reverse cycle units to heat and cool the house means my bills are always cringe worthy. I have looked into options such as installing solar power but shelling out $4000 for units that return a mere 16 cents per KWh didn’t work out to be financially viable when I crunched the numbers. Retrofitting insulation, double glazing or installing heat retaining blinds were other overly expensive options.

Yesterday we received a flyer in the mail offering a free LED light exchange. An electrician arrives to swap every halogen downlight in the house cost free.

‘What’s the catch?’ I asked the service representative.

‘No catch. It’s just an incentive we are offering at the moment’ she replied.

‘You’re not doing it for free. How do you make money?’

She explained that the company earns carbon credits which are then on sold to companies for purchase. There is no cost to the consumer and the value of the carbon credits is presumably more valuable than the cost of paying an electrician to install the 34 LED lights in my home.

10-15% of the average electricity bill is attributed to lighting expenses. The LEDs I am having installed match the lumen rating (440 lumens compared to 465 is near enough). They use only 6 watts rather than 35 watts, and a rough calculation saw around $400 additional dollars in my pocket each year.

Well worth the change and I feel much better about reducing my carbon footprint. They have also offered to install door seals as my house can be like a wind tunnel at times.

I can’t endorse the company in the photo as of yet as the lights won’t be installed until next week. I also need to note that I have no affiliation with the company. I’m just a guy who 5 years ago would have thrown the flyer immediately in the bin rather than seize a potential opportunity. If you’re an Australian I believe there are many other companies that offer a similar service. If you’re not an Aussie, shop around because I’m sure there are many energy saving incentives available as the planet turns greener each year.
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Posted on September 3, 2015 in Smart Money Blogs, Utilities

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