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Hi. My name is Matt Macreadie and I am a big time family man! I have an incredible wife, four beautiful children and know that the time I have with them now is irreplaceable.

A few years ago I instigated massive changes to reduce my working hours and to be more intentional with the time I spend with my loved ones. I developed a detailed financial plan for the future, allocated time and money towards investments, reduced money wastage, cut down my working hours and have never looked back. Now I’m able to spend quality time with the people who I care the most about and we still have the money to live and live well!

But things weren’t always like this… We did the typical ‘newlywed’ thing and bought a new house. We began to fill it with brand new furniture, a massive TV with surround sound, all the latest appliances, a luxury family car and more. The debts became quite substantial and Hayley and I found that we were spending all our time working to repay the ‘stuff’ that was supposed to give us a better quality of life. We felt anxious about the ever mounting expenses and needless to say, we didn’t sleep all that soundly each night. We realised early on that this was not the type of life we wanted our kids to experience. What good was having all these things if we never had the time to enjoy it?

Long story short, Hayley and I began to make a series of drastic changes and life has never been better! Managing our personal finances became our top priority and it was astounding to see the new doors that were opened up just by thinking a little more creatively about our spending.

In 2015 I created Budget Brilliance primarily as a blog site to help other families who felt enslaved to 60 hour work weeks to cover their debts. Although we are not millionaires yet, we budget, save and have established numerous investment channels which will take us towards abundant wealth. Ultimately our core driving goal is to amass enough wealth to directly impact communities in Asia to develop schools and churches.

Budget Brilliance is currently offering email coaching services for a small fee. It is backed by a 100% money-back guarantee. We expect that the coaching you should receive should be completely life transformative or we will gladly refund your money. Ideally the people that we could best serve are Australian families seeking to spend more time together and who are willing to be proactive and take the necessary steps to start saving for their financial future.

If you are interested in learning more about this service, email matt@budgetbrilliance.com

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