Fresh, Frozen, Canned or Dried?- The Supermarket Dilemma

Many of us have polarised opinions on this topic.

Proponents of the ‘Fresh’ camp say that fresh fruit and vegetables are tastier, more natural and healthier.  They might acknowledge that fresh tends to be pricier but tend to negate this argument by stating the ‘food miles’ saved and the health benefits.  They might even feel guilty were they to serve up food harvested by foreign workers or believe that fresh food shows a labour of love in the food preparation department.

People in the other Canned/Dried/Frozen camp state the huge cost saving, the convenience and the long life attributed to those foods.

Which is best?  Which is healthiest?  Which is cheapest?

This post will not attempt to solve the first question as it is opinion based and subjective.

‘Which is healthiest?’ tends to still remain in the realm of conjecture with numerous research supporting either views.

Articles such as those from the Daily Mail might help you form an opinion.

‘Which is cheapest?’, well, I can help answer that.

Buying canned, dried or frozen can help you save a bundle!

Whenever I entertain, I always use fresh ingredients. Not because the flavour is vastly different, but the physical make up of fresh cut beans appears completely different to the pre-cut frozen variety. Methodically cutting each one is time consuming, but it demonstrates to my guest that I have made an effort.

I’ve attached a second link that shows the cost savings.

All I can say is that you can definitely get some fresh bargains and it really is dependent on your proximity to the large market distributors. You can get fresh bargains for sure. Overall though, fresh commands a higher sales price in most instances.

I remember one time during a huge tropical cyclone in Northern Australia, most of the banana crops were destroyed with prices rising to above $13.00 per kilogram.  I was devastated!  Bananas were always a part of my diet.  To offset this, I found that I could buy a 500 gram dried bag for around $3-4 until the shortage subsided.

Moral of the story is- Check the price!

Fresh, frozen, Canned or Dried?

Fresh, frozen, Canned or Dried?

Posted on June 28, 2015 in Groceries and Eating Out, Smart Money Blogs

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