Kids Bored? Go Treasure Hunting. It’s free!

Geocache photoI’ve always been a huge fan of pirate stories. The idea of vast fortunes left buried, somewhere, for people to find. Did you know that there is an estimated $4.5 billion dollars worth of treasure still to be found?

Unfortunately, this post is not about helping you to uncover it. It is, however, about helping you discover treasure of another kind. Remember the excitement you felt as a child about going on an adventure to somewhere mysterious and new? This post will hopefully rekindle that sense of fun and exploration.

About 2 years ago I found out about this new treasure hunting craze called Geocaching. For about a month I was a Geonut convert telling everyone and anyone about it. It was quite contagious too. Friends told friends and soon enough we were all racing around everywhere geocaching.

I did say this was about what to do with bored kids though. It can be very hard to discover new things to do with your children that is both fun and free. Take them to the movies and you’ve soon burnt through a $50 note no problems. But geocaching is free, free, free!

The concept of geocaching is simple- someone has hidden a note, a toy or a token. They give you clues and coordinates. You use an app and go find it.

There are a numerous apps out there to help you find one of over 2 million treasures, or caches. They vary in difficulty but they often take you to new and exciting places you’ve probably never seen before. Once you’ve found the cache, sign the log book and return it carefully. Make sure a ‘Muggle’ or non-geocacher doesn’t spot you either!

Most neighbourhoods have around 4-10 hidden in locations you’d never think to look. And why would you? You’re a Muggle after all. Or should I say… ex-Muggle.

Let me know how you go.

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Posted on August 4, 2015 in Family Adventures, Smart Money Blogs

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