How Much Should You Spend On Jeans?

Everyone has not one, not two but probably multiple pairs of jeans littering their wardrobe. Blue, black, white, dirty, ripped, boot cut, straight cut, tapered, flared, detailed and so on. Even hardened minimalists probably have more than one.

Levi Strauss originally invented jeans as a lifetime piece of clothing that was designed to last for an entire lifetime. They rose to fame for their hardiness and durability.

Now they are items of high fashion with jeans fetching anywhere from $5 all the way up to $5,000 and more. So how much do you pay? What is it worth to you?

I had a friend called Andrew who lived in the Ukraine. He said people would easily sacrifice 1-2 months’ income for a pair of Levis. I hope you do not value this piece of fashion to the same extreme.

If I were to calculate the amount I have spent in my lifetime on jeans, it would easily be over $1,000. Mind you most of my life was spent rockin’ out hand-me-downs or thrift shop specials, hence the modest amount spent.

If you are a more trendy type person, I would imagine your total might be exceeding the $2,000 dollar mark.

My advice might surprise you. I do not actually think the cheapest pair is the best. I have bought so many ill-fitting jeans or those that just were close, but not close enough. The amount spent adds up over time.

I have found that buying jeans that you look amazing in means that they stay glued to your legs as you strut around in them proudly.  $100 usually does that job.

I would advise sticking to more mainstream styles rather than elaborate etching, rips or colouration.

Thanks Levi!  Love your work!

Posted on July 2, 2015 in Clothing, Smart Money Blogs

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