My Top 7 Motivational Books

Saving money is great, but if you don’t have a purpose or a specific goal, you will soon return to your old spending habits. Reading books that motivate you and give you clear objective is critical to your future financial success.

I am an avid reader and have read countless books.  There really is no excuse for not being a reader. Eye problems, dyslexia or even time can be mitigated with audiobooks on Audible. I have read over 40 books in the past few months thanks to the Audible app.

Here is a list of a select few of my motivational favourites. They are not ranked in order of perceived importance.

  • The Bible- As I said I’m a follower of Christ and this is the base book that I revisit daily for wisdom. Proverbs alone is jam packed with useful ways to live your life. 31 chapters in Proverbs for 31 days in some months, enough said!
  • The Four Hour Work Week- Everyone has heard of this by now. I have read it so many times. Tim openly admits that he does not work 4 hours himself, but the methods that he promotes gives you lots of new ideas about how you live your life more productively.
  • Rich Dad, Poor Dad- I remember reading this as a young 20 year old and feeling like my eyes were opened. It is an absolute reawakening as to how the rich spend/invest their money. It is a very easy read and a good starting point for your financial future.
  • The Alchemist- This is a fictional novel that so many people, including Will Smith, have attributed their success. It is an easy read and speaks volumes about finding your calling and pursuing your dreams.
  • Rework- This book is written by the founders of 37 Signals. It is succinct and that is the way they intended it to be. Nothing in the text is surplus. Every word is designed to give you some assistance in structuring a business and growing a company. The premise of their text is that everyone should work towards having a business of their own.
  • Eat That Frog!- Brian Tracy is the master of productivity. Look at his biography on Wikipedia and you will see what amazing things he has accomplished in his lifetime. This book will give you so many ideas at how to get those big incomplete tasks bowled over.
  • Secrets of the Millionaire Mind- This is perhaps a little more of an unknown book but incredibly motivational. T. Harv Eker was a person who struggled financially for most of his life until he said ‘Enough is enough!’ I find his material powerful and encouraging. It doesn’t give you a huge amount of specific budgetary advice, but it does help you to think big!


I really could have easily listed 50 or more motivational texts.  This is just a sample of 7. Stay tuned for future book reviews!

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