Return Of The Scooter!


Return Of The Scooter!

Return Of The Scooter!

I have now owned multiple two and even three wheeled forms of transportation. In a budgetary sense they have been brought about a huge saving for me when I rode them exclusively for three consecutive years. 3-4 litres per 100 kilometres travelled. Around $382 for registration (still expensive). And with self-servicing, around $4 in oil to complete a home-job oil change. What’s not to love? When I sold them, I would also estimate that I lost no more than 10% for a year of use. What fabulously slow depreciation!

My latest set of wheels is a Yamaha BeeWee YW100 that I bought with 5,000 kays on the clock for $725. I’ve got to get it fixed, resprayed and registered. All up I envisage around $950 to get it on the road and looking nice.

In the same week I received the registration for my old faithful Rav 4 with over 320,000 kilometres. I would estimate it would now be worth around $500 yet the registration is a ridiculously high $718! I am again pondering returning to a two wheeled commuter as the costs of servicing for a car, the registration and the insurance can be outrageous for such an old, but faithful clunker.

My passion for scooters came about after a trip to Japan and Europe. Those things are everywhere with people easily zipping around.

The location I currently live in is highly conducive to scooter commutes. A gentle 19 kilometre ride through the Yarra Valley has never once brought about anything close to a near miss. Would I ride in the suburbs or city? Probably not. The odds are not really in my favour.

Just comparing the two in a rough tally:

  Scooter Car
Value $950 $500
Annual Servicing $4 $345
Registration $382 $718
Insurance $295 (Comprehensive) $266 (Third Party)
Petrol on 5,000km p.a. $210 approx. $700 approx.
Total Expenses $1841 $2529


$688 is an okay saving to having a scooter. But as you can see there is a large advantage to having a cheap vehicle with such low annual outgoings and zero depreciation (it’s at an all time low). This year, however, I do have a few upkeeps on the horizon to keep the Rav 4 roadworthy such as tyres, a new headlight and the windscreen. These would easily add another $950 to the cost of the car.

There are advantages to having a car but I tend to travel to work alone, and out and about in the family car. I do love commuting by scooter. At the moment, the minus 3 degree morning requires quality motorcycle apparel to stop from freezing up.

The savings are minimal but still worth it given the table above. Where a scooter really comes into its own is when you have a high value vehicle that is rapidly depreciating.

Owning a newish vehicle haemorrhages money each year. Read the Drive article below for more information.


Posted on July 19, 2015 in Smart Money Blogs, Vehicles and Petrol

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