To Gym Or Not To Gym

We live in an age of unprecedented levels of fitness. I would argue that the developed world’s health levels are quite polarised- The uber fit and those who are sacrificing years of their life for the consequences of their lifestyle habits.

The fitness industry is gigantic with gyms and personal trainers residing on almost every street corner. Nowadays we look for ways to correct anything short of a six pack. With all this pressure, it is no wonder we turn to gyms to give us a helping hand.

But some of these expenses have a tendency of adding up.  Gym fees of $800 per annum are considered cheap, personal training sessions of $30 for 30 minutes and expensive supplements to keep your nutrition up to scratch. It gets even more expensive if you decide to do it with your spouse.

Just to clarify, I think faith, fitness and relationships supersede any quest for financial wealth. Agree or disagree with that statement. If a gym membership will add years to your life then who could possibly put a price on that?

I would like to offer an alternative however. Could you exercise at home? Think of the travel time saved, the expense and the flexibility.

I have been a home trainer now for years. I was a gym guy but moved way out into a country town an hour from my gym. I purchased around $6,000 in fabulous gym equipment which was well used. Once we moved to a smaller home and had a few kids, we found we needed to reacquire space. I sold off most of the gym equipment except the bare essentials.

What were those essentials?

  • Power Tower
  • 24kg kettlebell (thanks to Tim Ferriss’s ‘The 4 Hour Body’)

And that’s it!

There are so many body weight exercises that you can do to give you a well-rounded physique. Body weight exercises work on so many stabilising muscles rather than isolated muscles. I would highly recommend reading ‘You Are Your Own Gym’ by Mark Lauren.

The time you could save and money is nothing to be snuffed at. You do need to have incredible discipline though. If you feel you need people motivating you, the pressure of eyes staring, a workout schedule that is combed over by a trainer, then perhaps stick with your gym.

Posted on July 7, 2015 in Health and Wellbeing, Smart Money Blogs

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I LOVE budgeting! Why you ask? Having a clearly defined budget enables my family of six to live an empowered life. I work as part time teacher, I’m an investor, novice longboarder, man of faith and run Budget Brilliance with a view towards seeing people’s lives changed financially.

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