You Need a Budget Plan

There is no point to saving money without first having a goal.  Not just any goal, but a worthy goal.  Something that has an impact on the people around you.

Oren Klaff in ‘Pitch Anything’ wrote that people first and foremost sought status above finance.  In that sense you can see why wealthy people can still feel unhappy and why people can readily volunteer to enlist in the military.  We all seek to maximise the finite life we have been given.

I encourage you to create around 3 to 5 goals.  Goals that you aim to complete in the next year.  As a guide you might want to follow the suggestions below which add balance to your life.  It is only a suggestion, but experts such as Joel Bauer use goals such as these to achieve their phenomenal success.

1) Relationship: Write a goal in regards to spending time with loved ones.  Specify the time frame on a weekly basis.

2) Wealth: Write a financial goal that is achievable in the next year.  Make it a stretch, but not completely out of reach.

3) Environment: Write a goal that improves your living experience.

4) Passion: Structure an objective that empowers you to achieve something that gets you excited and out of your comfort zone.

5) Health: Create an objective that ensures your health and well-being for years to come.

It is vital that these goals are written down.  Joel even went one step further to say that they should be written on a ‘Dreamcard’, which was a laminated card that remained in your pocket.

Make sure that the goals you choose involves improving the life of others.  This has a dramatic psychological effect and it means that you have a much greater chance of adhering to your goals.

Be the type of person that makes a decision and sticks to it.  Your word should be your bond.  What you write down is what gets done!  Be a person of integrity and determination!


Posted on June 26, 2015 in Budgeting Mindset, Smart Money Blogs

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I LOVE budgeting! Why you ask? Having a clearly defined budget enables my family of six to live an empowered life. I work as part time teacher, I'm an investor, novice longboarder, man of faith and run Budget Brilliance with a view towards seeing people's lives changed financially.
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